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6 Korean-style Beautiful Tips From TWICE members

iHealthBuzz - As usual, the TWICE members look energetic and cute in their video clips. Maybe you are asking again why they look so flawless.

TWICE is well known as a group that has no visuals because all of its members have beautiful faces. It's not just genetic factors that make them beautiful all the time. Each member also takes care of themselves neatly.

What are their beauty rituals? Here are three TWICE personnel, Son Chaeyoung, Im Nayeon, and Chou Tzuyu sharing their beautiful tips with netizens.

5 Steps Cleansing

The TWICE-style cleansing method is not just two or three steps. Nayeon and Chaeyoung run a five-step facial cleansing ritual with four products.

Faceless face is cleaned with face wipes, then followed by cream cleanser and cleansing oil.

When using cleansing oil, do a light massage to clean up the remaining dirt and improve blood circulation. Then finish with a foam cleanser.

Sheet mask + rubber face mask

After cleaning your face, use a sheet mask to moisturize and soothe tired skin. Chaeyoung chose to rub a little essence from the sheet mask first before attaching the sheet mask. After that the sheet mask is left to dry.

While Tzuyu prefers to wear two types of masks to treat his skin. After wearing an ordinary sheet mask, Tzuyu uses a rubber face mask. Apparently Tzuyu wants to get double benefits from several products at once. Thus the skin gets extra moisture while remaining well-nourished.

The use of two face masks is called double masking or mask layering. This beauty treatment technique is agreed upon by a number of beauty experts.

Lip balm before going to sleep

Nayeon likes to use lip balm before going to bed. His favorite product is Lucas Papaw Ointment given by one of the fans.

"This is the best lip product ever," Nayeon said. "Our makeup artist says my lips are healthy and moist lately."

Nayeon suggested applying lip balm before going to bed. "Your lips will be perfect the next morning," he added.

Night cream + eye cream + V-line area massage

Nayeon uses night cream on her face before going to sleep. He also uses eye cream for the under eye circles area. After that, the massage is completed along the jaw line so that the face is always gaunt and not sagging.

Use a lipstick base for perfect blushing lips

Tzuyu used to use a lipstick base before applying his favorite color lipstick. Tzuyu uses lighter lipstick as a base. But the same effect can also be done by applying lip concealer or lip tint balm. That way the lipstick used as a finishing touch will look more natural and long-lasting.

BB cream to perfect lip makeup

To tidy up the smeared lipstick along the lip line, Tzuyu utilizes the coverage of BB cream. Even better if you use a concealer stick.

Those are some beauty tips from TWICE members. We are waiting for tips from other members, let's. Who knows Momo, Sana, or Jeongyeon also intend to share their beautiful tips in the near future.

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